Equipment ID
Equipment Name
1 Anaesthesia & OT Anaesthesia Machine with Integrated Ventilator Anaesthesia Machine with Integrated Ventilator(1).docx View
2 Anaesthesia & OT Anaesthesia Machine, Portable Anaesthesia Machine, Portable.docx View
3 Anaesthesia & OT Anaesthesia Machine Anaesthesia Machine.docx View
4 Anaesthesia & OT Anaesthesia Pendant Anaesthesia Pendant.docx View
5 Anaesthesia & OT Anaesthesia Workstation Anaesthesia Workstation.docx View
6 Anaesthesia & OT Autoclave Electric Autoclave Electric.docx View
7 Anaesthesia & OT Autoclave for CSSD (80l) Autoclave for CSSD (80l).docx View
8 Anaesthesia & OT Autoclave, Horizontal (400 Litres) Autoclave, Horizontal (400 Litres).docx View
9 Anaesthesia & OT Autoclave, Horizontal (Fully Automatic) Autoclave, Horizontal (Fully Automatic).docx View
10 Anaesthesia & OT Autoclave, Horizontal Autoclave, Horizontal.docx View
11 Anaesthesia & OT Autoclave, Non-Electric with Four Dressing Drums Autoclave, Non-Electric with Four Dressing Drums.docx View
12 Anaesthesia & OT Autoclave, Non-Electric Autoclave, Non-Electric.docx View
13 Anaesthesia & OT Autoclave, Vertical (Fully Automatic) Autoclave, Vertical (Fully Automatic).docx View
14 Anaesthesia & OT Autoclave, Vertical Large (500x900mm) Autoclave, Vertical Large (500x900mm).docx View
15 Anaesthesia & OT Autoclave, Vertical Autoclave, Vertical.docx View
16 Anaesthesia & OT Bed, ICU Bed, ICU.docx View
17 Anaesthesia & OT Blood Gas Analyser Blood Gas Analyser.docx View
18 Anaesthesia & OT Bronchoscope, Fibreoptic (Adult) Bronchoscope, Fibreoptic (Adult).docx View
19 Anaesthesia & OT Bronchoscopy Simulator Bronchoscopy Simulator.docx View
20 Anaesthesia & OT Centralize Manifold Room and Medical Gases Pipeline Centralize Manifold Room and Medical Gases Pipeline.docx View
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